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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Drum & Bass: The Movement (2020)

Documentary about the evolution of Drum & Bass and how the rest of the world shaped the UK sound over a period of 20 years (1996-2016) featuring Goldie, Andy C, Roni Size, DJ Flight, Grooverider, Ed Rush & Optical and many more.

The American Jungle (2020)

Three part documentary about the American Jungle Drum N Bass scene featuring Andy C, DJ Hype, 6Blocc, Aphrodite, Rob Machete and many more.

United Nation: Three Decades of Drum & Bass (2020)

Documentary which focuses on One Nation and Terry Turbo featuring Fabio, Sigma, Jumpin Jack Frost, Ragga Twins, Grooverider and many more.

The History Of The Amen Break (2018)

Short documentary about one of the most sampled breaks of all time. An essential part of Jungle's history.

Pirates, Mcs' and D'n'B Documentary (2018)

A Drum and Bass documentary portraying the influence of UK Drum and Bass and how it has impacted the musical world

Roots Of UK Jungle Documentary (2017)

Documentary which focuses on the birth of Jungle music and the different genres of music that influenced it.

Music Nation: Jungle Fever (2014)

Brilliant documentary about the origins of Jungle music featuring Ray Keith, Nicky Blackmarket, Fabio & Grooverider, Kenny Ken, Brockie, Skibadee and more.

20 Years Of Jungle Mania (2013)

Documentary celebrating 20 years of Jungle Mania featuring Jumpin Jack Frost, Kenny Ken, Ragga Twins, Remarc, Det and many more

The Drum and Bass Diaries (2012)

A series of short documentaries featuring Nicky Blackmaket, Uncle Dugs, DJ Storm, Xtrah, Bailey, Stamina MC, Phantasy and many more.

Dubplate Killaz 2 - Playaz Documentary (2006)

Documentary featuring DJ Hype, Pascal, Mc Fats, Hazard, G Dub, Potential Badboy and more from the Playaz camp.

Drum & Bass Arena DVD (2003)

A Drum & Bass Arena Documentary featuring Andy C, Twisted Individual, DJ Fresh, Foxy, Shortston, Navigator, Skibadee, London Elektricity and many more.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Talkin' Headz - Metalheadz Documentary (1998)

Talkin' Headz - Metalheadz Documentary (1998) by junglednbdocumentary

When Saturn Returnz - Goldie (1998)

When Saturn Returnz - Goldie (1998) by junglednbdocumentary

Roni Size - BBC 2 - The Works Documentary (1997)

Roni Size - BBC 2 - The Works Documentary (1997) by junglednbdocumentary

Modern Times - LTJ Bukem Documentary (1996)

Modern Times - LTJ Bukem Documentary (1996) by junglednbdocumentary

Lost In Music - Jungle Documentary (German Dubbed) (1996)

Lost In Music - Jungle Documentary (German... by junglednbdocumentary

Lola da Musica Drum & Bass Documentary (1996)

Rare Drum & Bass 1996 documentary by Dutch TV program with Squarepusher, Photek and Source Direct.

Rating: 6/10

Lola da Musica Drum & Bass Documentary (1996) by junglednbdocumentary

First Sight - Pirate Radio London Kool FM (1996)

First Sight - Pirate Radio London Kool FM (1996) by junglednbdocumentary

Underground inna Moss Side - Jungle Documentary (1996)

Rave documentary from 1996 which showcases the Manchester Jungle scene. It features rare footage of Trigga, DJ Sappo, DJ Dieman Ed, Zipparah Tafari, The Quick Crew, Johnny Jay and Umoja.

Rating: 5/10

Underground inna Moss Side - Jungle Documentary... by junglednbdocumentary

Sounds of the West - Bristol Jungle Documentary (1996)

A documentary about Bristol's booming jungle scene in 1996. 'Sounds of the West' documents the work of influential labels and club nights such as Ruffneck Ting and Full Cycle, and includes interviews with Roni Size, Dazee, Krust, Jakes and more.

Rating 7/10

Sounds of the West - Bristol Jungle Documentary... by junglednbdocumentary

Welcome To The Jungle - Rude Fm (1995)

A Short documentary about Rude FM featuring some of the DJ's & Mc's involved.

Rating 5/10

Welcome To The Jungle - Rude Fm (1995) by junglednbdocumentary

Radio Arena - Pirate Radio London Rush FM (1994)

A documentary from BBC2's Arena Radio Night in the Mid 1990's. Weekend Rush and Kool Fm were big targets of the DTI mainly because of the music they were playing was taking listeners away from the legal stations. This features some of the propaganda news reports targeted at the Pirate Radio & Rave Scene.

Rating 6/10

Radio Arena - Pirate Radio London Rush FM (1994) by junglednbdocumentary

24H Canal - Jungle in London (1994)

French Documentary from October 1994 featuring Uk Apache, DJ Rap, Billy Bunter as well as other Labels, Promoters and Ravers of the scene.

Rating 7/10

24H Canal - Jungle in London (1994) by junglednbdocumentary

All Black - Jungle Fever - BBC 2 Documentary (1994)

Documentary about the rise of Jungle music in the UK. Originally aired on BBC2 in 1994 featuring Shy Fx, Uk Apache, LTJ Bukem, Fabio, DJ Rap, Mc Lenny and Mc Gunsmoke

Rating 9/10

Jungle Fever - BBC 2 Documentary (1994) by junglednbdocumentary

All Junglist - A London Sum'ting Dis - Documentary (1994)

Channel 4 documentary about the origins of Jungle Directed by Rachel Seely, featuring many of the biggest names such as: Kenny Ken, Navigator, Moose, the Ragga Twins, Grooverider, Ray Keith, Mickey Finn, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Ron & Darren Jay.

Rating: 7/10

All Junglist - A London Sum'ting Dis (1994) by junglednbdocumentary
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